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Grind Grains


Sometimes you can find ground grains at the store. But other times, they’re harder to lay your hands on.

For example, it’s not too difficult to find ground flax, aka “flax meal”. But ground millet or ground quinoa is another matter entirely as they are both very difficult to find.

And if you’re sensitive to grains, that can be a problem. Especially if you love cooking and baking. Because you might want to use a ground grain alternative, but you can’t find it already ground.

But it’s super-easy to grind your own.

All you need is a small blender with a flat-blade attachment. And even a coffee grinder will work. Both of these small appliances are inexpensive, so having one or the other is a good investment for your kitchen.

And by grinding your own, you’re in control of how coarse or fine the finished grain is.


        Ground flax using a coffee grinder              Ground quinoa using a "Magic Bullet"

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