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Why Nat Started DRK

Less than 10 years ago, I could pretty much eat whatever I wanted. There were no limits. I felt free to indulge my love of food.


Then 7 years ago, I had to give up all things dairy. A year later, I had to give up gluten. Next to go was corn. And then two years ago, I discovered that I’m sensitive to potatoes. And I also have to limit coffee and eggs.


So I know what it feels like to live with multiple dietary restrictions. The disappointment – even sadness – when a favorite food becomes off-limits. The frustration of having to give up more and more foods. The heaviness of being shackled to a way of shopping, cooking and eating that feels so restrictive.


The feeling of being strapped into a culinary straight-jacket for life!


And then there’s the constant worry.


The constant worry that you’ll have to give up something else. Something else on top of all the other foods you’re now banned from eating.


I know because I’ve been through all of that. And for a long while, I thought that that I would never be free of the shackles that my multiple dietary restrictions placed on my life.


But, little by little, I discovered that there is another way to live with dietary restrictions.


A way to live that removes the shackles, unstraps the straight-jacket, and allows me to fully embrace and enjoy my multiple dietary restrictions.


And that's why I created Dietary Restriction Kitchen. To help others embrace, and even enjoy, their dietary restrictions.


Cheers from Nat

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